According to the core theory of 'Technique of managing Sub-Health with Warm Scraping and Moxibustion', Fu Yang Guan has pass down the thousand years history of Chinese medicne health management method. Fu Yang Guan is the first TCM equipment which combines of Heat Therapy, Far Infraed, Magnetic Therapy together into our body. Its function include detoxification, remove blood stasis, release coolness and dampness. It effectively unblock the channels and meridians, tonify Yang Qi deficiency. TCM believe all diseases are due to the blockage of the channels and meridians, if we can maintain smooth flow of the channels and meridians, and acticate of the Yang Qi, then we can maintain our health properly. These are the teaching of Chinese medicine for thousand years.

The new equipment for your health - Fu Yang Guan

'Managing Sub-Health with Fu Yang Guan Warm Scraping Techniques' already been recorded in Prevention of Sub-Health with Chinese medicine which is the cooporate project of Chinese government and World Health Organization. First in the world which combine of Scraping, Moxibustion health equipment, the 'Fu Yang Guan'. The birth of Fu Yang Guan, indicate the successful combination of 7 functions in 1 equipment which include 'Warm Scraping, Moxibustion, Tuina, Heat Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Cupping, Far Infrared'. It can achieve the effect of Detoxification, Release Blood Stasis, Relieve Coolness and Dampness, effectively unblock the channels and meridians, tonify the deficiency of Yang Qi. It can replace the hand manual therapy, and not harming our internal Qi.


Authority 1 - On July 2009, Head of Affair Department of Chinese Medicine Board of China, Mr. Sun Tao has visited Fu Yang Medical Equipment Pte. Ltd. After watching the amazing effect of Fu Yang Guan, he pointed that: "Fu Yang Guan is an important subject in promoting the Sub-Health industry of China." He even wrote a calligraphy work to the company, stated that: 'Put more concern on Sub-Health Industry, Improve the Strong Progress of Enterprise'. He has granted the company the title of 'Base of Sub-Health Equipment'.

 Authority 2 - On July 2009,Fu Yang Guan has elected to the project of , which is the cooperate project of Chinese government and World Health Organization. World Health Organization officer Mr. Huang Baofu arrived Chang Sha and tried the Fu yang Guan personally.

Authority 3 - On October 2009, Fu Yang Guan awarded the Excellent Project Trophy by 10th Anniversary of World Manipulative Medicine Association, its 'Sub-Health Warm Scraping Moxibustion Techniques' won the good comments by the judges. President Prof. Wei Guikang adwarded Medal and Certificate to the Fu Yang Guan Founder Mr. Hu Muming. Fu Yang Guan is the combination of Traditional Scraping, Moxibustion, Magnetic Therapy, Far Infrared and cupping. It has theCharacteristic of Painless Scraping, replacement of hand. It is revolution of the traditional Scraping Techniques. Fu yang Guan has cause a deep affect to the progress of Chinese medicine and Health industry.

Authority 4 - On April 2010, Fu Yang Guan won the Gold Medal of 'Innovation of External Treatment Therapy of Chinese Medicine Techniques' on the China Chinese Medicine Techniques Congress.

Authority 5 - On June 2010, Certified by the Expert of Zhong Hua Traditional Medicine Society, a conclusion of Fu Yang Guanhas a positive effect to manage and prevent Sub-Health Diseases. And it was adwarded the 'Important Promote Item of Chinese Traditional Medicine Society'. Fu Yang Guan combined all the benefit into one equipment, it indeed is the treasure of all Sub-Health patients.

Authority 6 - On July 2010,Fu Yang Guan has passed through the Demonstration Prove of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, and became the hospital Special Project.

Fu Yang Guan with its significant result, has gained many good comments from the public.

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