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Choo Led Sin 朱立信医师
First Elected World Expert of Manipulative Medicine and Traditional Therapy in 2012
International Fu Yang Therapy Expert Consultant
Started to study bone setting and herbal therapy during his teenage under a veteran Kung Fu Master on about 1985. Later he enrolled into Institute of Chinese Medical Studies in 1990 and graduated in 1995.
He has studied under different Masters, Teachers, Mentors and Professors for the past 20 over years. He believe no one is perfect, no study can named as the best. He had integrated all his studies into his practice and wish to serve his patients with the best knowledge.
His hard works are recognized and was elected as executive management committee and Medical Consultant of different Medical and Health Organizations in local and international.
Appointments and Awards 专业职务与荣誉
1. Executive Council Member of Sub-Health Specialty Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies 世界中医药学会联合会亚健康专业委员会常务理事
2. Council Member of Chinese Medicine Manipulations Specialty Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies 世界中医药学会联合会中医手法专业委员会理事
3. Trustee Council Member of The World Manipulative Medical Association 世界手法医学联合会常务理事
4. Expert Consultant of International Fu Yang Health Group 国际扶阳养生集团专家顾问
5. Editorial Board Member of Holistic Medical Hylite International (Journal) 国际整体疗法医学期刊编委
6. Member of American Nutritional Medical Association 美国营养医学协会会员
7. Committee Member of Singapore Acupuncture Association 新加坡针灸学会理事
8.Oversea Senior Researcher of Malaysia Chinese Medical Sciences Research Center 马来西亚中医科学研究院海外高级研究员
9. Medical Consultant of The 1st Malaysia World Anti-Cancer Congress (2012) 第一届马来西亚世界抗癌大会 (2012) 医药顾问
10. Elected one of the hundred Oversea Distinguished Physician by World Chinese Union and China Patriotic Engineering Association 世界华人联合总会及中国爱国工程联合会评选百名杰出海外名医
11. President of Fu Yang Health Association (Singapore) 新加坡扶阳养生学会会长
12. Chief Medical Consultant of Singapore Fu Yang Health Medical Centre 新加坡扶阳养生馆首席医药顾问
13. Founder and Chairman of Singapore Association of Manipulative Medicine 新加坡手法医学研究会创办人兼主席
14. Medical Consultant of Tanjong Pagar Plaza Traders' Association 新加坡丹戎巴葛商联会医药顾问
15. Medical Consultant of Kong Chow Wui Koon 新加坡冈州会馆医药顾问
16. Medical Consultant of Singapore Pei Ying Kung Fu Kick Boxing Centre 新加坡培英功夫散打学院医药顾问
17. Medical Consultant of Shan Wu Shao Lin Culture and Martial Art Society (Singapore) 新加坡禅武少林武术与文化协会医药顾问
18. Chairman of Centre for Medical Qigong Science Singapore 新加坡医疗气功科学院院长
19. Chairman of Malaysia Li Xin Tang Medical (M) Sdn. Bhd. 马来西亚立信堂医药有限公司创办人兼主席

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